Advanced Commercial Law: Law of eCommerce (LAW 6529)

Dallas, Texas


Peter S. Vogel, Adjunct


Fall 2014

(Monday, 9:00 10:40 am)

(101 Florence)

(Updated July 19, 2014)

I. Administrative Materials


Course Description and Objectives

The law affecting the Internet and e-Commerce will dramatically change during this semester. This course will challenge your ability to apply the law to a fast moving target in such areas as: jurisdiction, Constitutional rights, and business. Since there are no definitive answers to the legal questions in many of these cases, you will have an opportunity to understand the complexity of advising clients in an area of unsettled law.

Syllabus, Text, and Course Materials

There is no textbook, rather the Syllabus will be posted on my website Please review this site often as the law will be changing during the semester and I will update with new cases and materials.

Course Requirements

This course has no specific prerequisites, but you will need to use the Internet to access the cases and course materials


The final exam will be 80% of your grade, which will be a take-home and will cover materials discussed in class. You are expected to do complete the final exam by yourself and comply with the SMU Student Code of Professional Responsibility at all times. The grade on the final exam may be reduced as appropriate if students fail to follow instructions for the final exam.

The remaining 20% of your grade will come from your class attendance, course material preparation, classroom participation, and pop quizzes (if any).

Class Attendance

Class roll will be taken at each class, and you will not be permitted to take the final exam with poor class attendance.

How to Contact Me

Since I do not have an office on campus I encourage you speak to us before or after classes, and if necessary to schedule a time to meet at a mutually convenient time and place. Otherwise you may contact me at:

Peter Vogel at 214-999-4422 or by email at


I expect the Syllabus to be the main source of material for the course, but when I make assignments to review other cases and materials I expect you to locate these materials on the Internet. You will need to be thoughtful and exercise discretion as to which materials to pay close attention, and what to spend your time reviewing. You may also choose to review related materials, and follow other Internet links that interest you. During classes I will discuss materials from a variety of different perspectives, and I expect each student to be prepared on each assignment.

Although I intend to follow the Syllabus, I will make changes to the Syllabus during the semester as many important cases are likely to be decided during the semester.